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Sorrow Part 15: The Last King of Ghor - penultimate in the epic fantasy series, available now from Musa Publishing

Sorrow Part 16: Son of the Stars - final part of the epic fantasy series, available now from Musa Publishing

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"If you're looking for something new, something fresh in the [fantasy] genre, then I heartily recommend giving this a read."

~ Bob Milne's Beauty in Ruins on The Best Weapon

"The Best Weapon offers a new twist on the genre with a tale with an original plot."

 ~ Science Fiction Review Site on The Best Weapon

"...a novel that tells more of the real story of the time, no glossing over or romanticizing, something this reviewer found rather refreshing."

~ Historical Novel Society on Folville's Law

"As a writer, I find it incredible that these two authors managed to create a masterpiece together."

~ Dianna's Writing Den on The Best Weapon 

"The author dives right into the guts and glory aspect and shows the gory side of war. And I LOVED it!!"

~ The Cover (and Everything in Between..) on Exiles


Epic Fantasy Sorrow Part 16: Son of the Stars
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